Chicas Poderosas Costa Rica 10,11 12 July


Share your passion and experience to build a community of Latin American women dedicated to achieving their greatest possible success!


To build and design news content for the whole population, not just 50%, we need to empower more women with IT, management and business-thinking skills. Combining the power of new tools and approaches to news gathering with the strengths women offer in communication and storytelling, newsrooms will be able to fully engage today’s demanding, tech-savvy news consumers.


Chicas Poderosas is for journalists, designers, software developers – including digital designers, UX, UI, illustrators, project managers, storytellers, film producers, and animators.

What We Will Do

Chicas Poderosas will show women how to create data-driven stories, scrape and use data,and create compelling narratives using visual storytelling techniques and multi media.


Nicola Hughes, a data journalist at The Times/Sunday Times in London @DataMinerUK

Irene Ros, an open source and data visualization developer at “Bocoup” who works with The Guardian’s (UK) Interactive Team. @ireneros

Giannina Segnini, leader of the investigative team at La Nación (San José). @gianninasegnini

Mariana Santos (event organizer), an ICFJ Knight International Journalism Fellow and visual storyteller who for the last three years has been the motion and interactive designer at The Guardian’s (UK) interactive team. @marysaints


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